◆ Model:LC3015
◆ Parameters:Reliable performance、Filed level indication、Easy mounting 、2 wire, 4~20mA output、Simple structure

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Product Overview

LC3015 displacer level gauge is featured by stable accuracy, good linearization, easy installation, field indication, remote output 4~20mA or HART communication and etc. Its operation principle is: A displacer immersed in the measured medium, as liquid level changes, the displacer will move by the buoyancy force thus makes the change of spring length which connecting with displacer and then the spring spurs magnet steel, so that the magnet field close to Hall effect sensor will be changed. This change is proportional to buoyancy force (liquid level). Hall sensor converts the magnet signal into DC mV signal that finally converted to circuit signal via CPU and output two wire 4~20mA DC and digital signals conform to HART communication protocol.

Structure Principle

Technical parameter

Power supply: 24VDC

Output: 4~20mA or 4~20mA +HART

Field indication: needle indication

Accuracy: 0.5%FS

Nominal pressure: 2.5MPa~32MPa

Medium temperature: max 450

Medium density: ≥0.4g/cm2

Safety class: Intrinsic safe : ExiaCT4~T6;

Explosion proof: ExdCT4~T6

Electrical interface: M20*1.5, or on request

Load resistance: ≤650Ω

Ambient temperature: -40~+60

Humidity: 0~99%

Flange: HG20595 or on request

Housing material: aluminum with Cu<0.25% +plastic spray

Enclosure: IP67


Order information

LC3015 Displacer Level Gauge 

Model No.

  A Needle indicator, no power supply.


B Needle indicatorswitch signal output 
C Two wire 420mA, HART 
  1 Q235 Steel

Body Material

2 321 SCS321 1Cr18Ni9Ti 1.4873
3 316Ti OCr18Ni12Mo2Ti 1.4571
4 316 SVS316 OOCr17Ni12Mo2 1.4401
5 316L SVS316L OOCr14Ni12Mo2 1.4435
6 other material to be specified. 
  H External displacer side-side mounted


C External displacer side-bottom mounted
F External displacer top-side mounted
G External displacer top-bottom mounted
N Internal displacer top mounted
  1 For liquid level 


2 For interface
3 For density 
  4/4A 2.5MPa/Class 150LB ANSI


5/5A 4.0MPa/Class 300LB ANSI
6/6A 6.3MPa/Class 600LB ANSI
7/7A 16.0MPa/Class 900LB ANSI
8/8A 32.0MPa/Class 1500LB ANSI
9/9A 40.0MPa/Class 2500LB ANSI
  T1 Normal temp.:-40℃~150


T2 High temp.: -150℃~400
T3 Low temp.:-196℃~40
  O No explosion-proof.

Safety class 

D explosion-proof :  ExdIICT1T6
E Intrinsically safe:  ExiaIICT1T6
B with safety barrier 
  0 without heating jacket


J1 heating jacket / process conn.
J2 heating jacket / process conn. JB/T82.1-94 DN15 PN1.0

Measure Range


Medium Density


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