Intelligent displacer level transmitter& magnetic level gauge
◆ Model:UHZ-517C70A
◆ Parameters:UHZ-517C70A、、、、

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UHZ-517C70 is a double-system level instrument combined by UHZ517 magnetic level gauge and LC3144/144LD intelligent displacer level transmitter. The field level (interface) indication and measure are separated with displacer remote transmitter; this structure makes it very suitable for the high temperature high pressure, small measure range and key process liquid control and interlocking situations. The intelligent displacer level transmitter designed with torsion tube in system , which has the advantages of high cost performance , high accuracy, good reliability and long service life. Tri-magnet level switch can be used for lower and upper limit alarm. Displacer level transmitter converts the level or interface signal to two wire 4~20mADC standard signal.


Structure Principle

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