Magnetic level gauge
◆ Model:UHZ-517C12C
◆ Parameters:UHZ-517C12C、≤450℃,≤600LB、High Temperature High Pressure 、BK-1/EX Tri-magnet switch、can bind with Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter

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Product Overview

Structure Principle

Structure Principle

The magnetic liquid level gauge operates on principle of Buoyancy and Magnetic Coupling. As the liquid level rise or fall in the vessel, the float in chamber will rise or fall correspondingly (See fig.1). The permanent magnet in the float actuates the white and red rollers to reverse 180°due to magnetic coupling. As liquid level increases, rollers reverse from white to red; while liquid level decreases, rollers reverse from red to white. The red/white interface of indicator shows the actual level of medium in vessel. The rollers material of common level gauge for atmospheric temperature is plastic resin; and for high temperature applications(up to520), alumina ceramic rollers with permanent magnet steel armored should be used.


UHZ517T series are top mounted magnetic level gauge --the chamber is on the top of vessel and connected with float and connecting rod, the magnet field of permanent magnet make the level in vessel   to the top chamber and conveys to level indicator, transmitter and switch due to magnetic coupling effect.



LB transmitter imposes the level signals from magnetic system coupling on every dry reed of resistance chain in sensor. It will change output resistance continuously. The measure voltage will change accordingly proportional to the levels in vessel. With transmission transducer, output a two wire 4~20mA analog signal; HART communication protocol is optional.


Tri-magnet (Quadra-magnet) driven level switch

BK-1/EX Tri-Magnet Level Switch, as the most reliable and practical level switch in the world, has bistable memory function. Mounted on the indicator, in the same magnetic coupling system with level gauge, not contact with the process medium, this level switch is high-temperature resistant, explosion proof and shockproof. It utilizes three magnetic coupling burst switches. When the magnetic float (the first magnet steel) in the chamber close to the switch, the second magnetic component will rotate, meanwhile the third magnet steel in the switch will rotate reversely and the push bar will actuate the switch. BK-1H/Ex Quadra-magnet driven level switch is suitable for high temperature applications. The fourth magnetic coupling is used to keep the terminal box far from the high temperature heat source, and working temperature of BK-1H/Ex Quadra-magnet level switch can be up to 420.


Order Information

UHZ-517    With blind flange, no drain valve
  L  Bottom drain valve
  G Tri-magnet driven level switch
GH  High temperature four-magnet driven level switch
    Control points(quantity of level switches)
  R Ltransmitter two wire 4~20mA output
R1 LB transmitter HART two-wire 4~20mA output
R2 AT200 Magnetostrictive transmitter two-wire 4~20mA output HART
R3 AT201 Magnetostrictive transmitter three-wire 4~20mA output HART
R4 AT202 High temperature magnetostrictive transmitter output HART
R5 AT203 High temperature transmitter three-wire output HART
  D ExdIIBT1~T6 Explosion proof
E ExiaIICT1~T6 Intrinsically safe
EF Intrinsically safe with barrier W  Wide rollers board
  J1 Removable heating jacket J2 Sleeve type heating jacket
J3 Coil type heat tracing device J4  Depth vacuum jacket
J5 Depth vacuum insulation& compound heating jacket
    Installation height(N/A for side-side mounted level gauge
    (M)Measuring range,mm
    Medium density,kg/m3
  Nominal pressure

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