Displacer level switch
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Product Overview

UQK6200 displacer level switches are designed as per ANSI B 31.1 standard for high temperature high pressure service conditions. Applied tri-magnet switch, with reasonable structure and strong reliability, the UQK6100 and UQK6200 level switches are applicable for level control, alarm and cascade failure of open vessel, and high temperature high pressure process conditions in the fields of petrochemical, power, food, pharmaceuticals and etc.  


Structure Principle

A displacer is fixed on a stainless steel cable. Its density is higher than the measured density. So it always prolongs the spring. Under free condition, the spring is prolonged to preset length and keep the spring within certain elastic limit by a stainless steel stopper. The first magnet is located in the spring guide rod and moves up and down as the spring expanding or contracting.


There is an up/down adjustable switch outside pressure pipe in the housing. As liquid level rising and the displacer immersed, the increased volume of buoyancy force is equal to the weight force of displaced liquid volume by Archimedes principle. As spring elastic force diminishing and spring constriction, the first magnet will move up to trigger the mechanical switch. When the liquid level decreasing, displacer emerges from liquid level, spring receives that added force, and spring increases to a certain length, the first magnetic switch move and the switch is reset to former state by action of first magnetic switch.


Order Information

UQK6 High Temperature High Pressure Float/Displacer Level Switch Model No.
  1 float level switch Switch type
2 displacer level switch
  1 side-sidesocket weld Mounting 
2 side-sideflange
3 side-bottomsocket weld
4 side-bottomflange
5 Top mounted
6 other type
  0 atmosphere pressure  0.5MPa Pressure rating
1 PN 2.5MPa Class 150LB ANSI
3 PN 5.0MPa Class 300LB ANSI
4 PN 6.4MPa Class 400LB ANSI
6 PN 11MPa Class 600LB ANSI
9 PN 15MPa Class 900LB ANSI
5 PN 26MPa Class 1500LB ANSI
2 PN 32MPa Class 2500LB ANSI
  A 3/4'' DN20 conn.size
/nominal diameter
B 1''  DN25
C 3/2''  DN40
D 2''  DN50
E 3''  DN80
F 4''  DN100
G 5''  DN125
H 6''  DN150
  1 NPT or socket weld Process
2 Flange RF ANSIB16.5/BS1560
3 consult factory for other flange
4 weld short pipe or to be specified 
  C1 20#1020C22S20C050A20 Material 
C2 CS material specified
S1 304/0Cr18Ni9SUS304304S15
S2 321SUS3210Cr18Ni10TiS32100
S3 316SUS3160Cr17Ni12Mo2
S4 316LSUS3160Cr17Ni14Mo2
S5 SS material specified
  A  -46+150 Temperature
B  -46+260
C  -46+370
D  -46+420
E  -46+538
F  -150+98
    No explosion proof requirement; Safety rating & options
D Explosion proof ExdIIBT1T6
E Intrinsic safe ExiaIICT1T6
M Top with flange
L Bottom with drain valve
  1 2*SPDT  Switch quant.     & contact form
  1 one switch  Control points
2 two switches
3 three switches
    Medium density


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