RFcapacitance level switch
◆ Model:UDE-508
◆ Parameters:UDE-508、Digital calibration technology、anti-shock and anti-corrosion、NOT for heavy viscosity medium、process avoid any attachment

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Product Overview

UDE-508 RF capacitance switch is intelligent level switch. It utilizes RF capacitance measuring technology and digital calibration technology and overcomes the two difficulties of great temperature drifts and hard calibration. “Digital calibration technology” is especially designed for this product and brings great convenience to end-users. It will further promote the capacitance level switch to be used in much wider in various industries.

This product is easy to operation with the setting press key to set the lower and upper limit. Flexible controlling method, normally close/open contacts can be chosen freely. It has overcome the shortcomings of probe rod attachments or material splashing which may affect measurement. Under these rug service conditions, UDE-508 capacitance switch can work normally. No moving elements in the checking parts, anti-shocking, insulted PTFE applied in probe rod; high temperature and high pressure resistance, anti-corrosion, not-easy being attached.


Structure Principle

Sensor probe is mounted at top or side of vessel. The probe rod and vessel wall is formed an electrical capacitor. When it is empty, the medium is air; as the liquid or material rising and probe rod being totally immerged, the dielectric constant between probe rod and vessel wall will change, and electric capacitance increase. Electronic circuit will detect the increment of capacitance and meanwhile output a switch value to be used in alarm or control.


Typical applications

  • Cereals processing: for flour and wheat grain level
  • Feed processing: for soybean meal level
  • Thermal power industry: for coal ash level
  • Building materials and glass industry: for lime and glass cullet level
  • Foundry machinery industry: for cement level
  • Hydraulic machine industry: for lubricating oil level
  • Chemical industry: for Polyester, Polyurethane, acid and alkali level
  • Water treatment industry: for sewage water level

Order Information

UDE-508 Radio Frequency Admittance Level Switch




110VAC DPDT relay contact output

Power supply &     switch output


220VAC DPDT relay contact output


24VDC  DPDT relay contact output


standard:for liquid, light slurry,granule measuring;   material:316SS and PTFE  120℃/1.5Mpa  80℃/3.0Mpa

Probe type,    rated temp. & pressure 


anti-corrosion: for corrosive liquid, light slurry and granule measuring; material: PTFE 120℃/1.5Mpa  


DN20 flange conn. 

Process connection


DN25 flange conn. 


DN40 flange conn. 


DN50 flange conn. 


M27×2 threaded conn. 


G1'' threaded conn. 


G11/2'' threaded conn. 






special requirement.


no explosion proof. 

Safety rating 


explosion-proof: ExdIICT4


intrinsic safe: ExizCT4~T6
  probe length

Effective length(mm)



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