Tuning fork level switch
◆ Model:FS300
◆ Parameters:FS300、Electronic float、unaffected by foam, bubble, medium turbulence or attachment、No calibration required、

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Product Overview

FS300 tuning fork sensor is a new kind of level switch that designed to detect and measure liquid level or material level of various tanks. The symmetrical vibrating fork is excited to its resonant frequency which changes when the fork is submerged in liquid. The change in frequency is registered by the electronics, which actuate an electronic switch.


Tuning fork level switch is also named “electronic float”, unaffected by foam, bubble, medium turbulence or attachment, it is a good substitution for float level switch in the above rugged conditions; FS300 is easy to use with no calibration required and with no mechanical moving parts there is no routine maintenance required. FS300 Tuning fork level switch is widely applied in the fields of petrochemical, light industry, foodstuff and water treatment etc. for high /low limit control and alarm.


Structure Principle


  • Unaffected by electrical constant, density of measured liquid and harsh conditions such as foam, bubble, turbulence, high temperature and high pressure etc.
  • No calibration required: as tuning fork switch cannot be affected by dielectric constant change, it is fully free of site calibration no matter what kinds of liquid measure.
  • Maintenance free: due to tuning fork switch’s checking process is finished by electronic circuit and no moving part, it doesn’t need any maintenance once put into use.

Order Information

FS300 Tuning Fork level switch  Model 
  A liquid level swtich  Medium
B material level switch 
  1 pipe thread mounting  Mounting 
2 flange mounting 
  D 24VDC relay DPDT  Output 
A 220VAC relay DPDT 
  D explosion proof: ExdIIBT4 Safety class
E intrinsic safe: ExiaIIBT4
  □□□ Mounting length (mm)

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