Multi-Point Float Level Switch
◆ Model:UQK-80
◆ Parameters:UQK-80、Multi-points level control、Cost effective 、User-friendly 、Unaffected by foam or bubble

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Product Overview

UQK-80 multi-point float  level switch is suitable for level control or alarm of liquids in open or sealed vessels in the field of petroleum, chemical, textile printing and dyeing, environment protection and civil architecture etc. Simple in structure, easy to install, low in cost, the switch can be used for level control of various liquids. Multi-floats are used to control different level points respectively, which make the operation more reliable.

Structure Principle

The float with magnet inside will move as liquid level rises, the dry reed pipe in guide tube will be divided or combined.

Reed switch shares the same level position with the pre-checked or alarm level; the probe rod is used to guide the float orientation. Float moves up and down as the guide rod, the reed switch is closed when near the magnetic field, open when away from the magnetic field.


Order Information

UQK-80  Multi-Point Float Level Switch


  S Standard type: wetted material:1Cr18Ni9Ti,304SS,316L  working temperature:  -30~120℃                       working pressure:≤2.5Mpa

Basic type 

Y Anti-corrosive: wetted material:  PP   working temperature: -30~80℃  working pressure:≤0.4Mpa
P Anti-corrosive:  wetted material: PTFE  working temperature: -30~160℃  working pressure:≤1.0Mpa
  A flange  DN50,PN1.0/2.5 HG20592-97(not applicable for anti-corrosive type )

Process connection

B flange DN80,PN1.0/2.5 HG20592-97
C flange DN100,PN1.0/2.5 HG20592-97
D external thread:G2 (not applicable for anti-corrosive type )
  1 1 control switch  1 float

Control points

2 2 control switches  2 floats
3 3 control switches  3 floats
4 4 control switches 4 floats
5 5 control switches  5 floats
N N control switches N floats
  B 1Cr18Ni9Ti、321

Wetted material 

S 304SS
L 316L
  D explosion proof: ExdIICT2~T6


E intrinsic safe: ExiaCT2~T6
C converter DF-1 ( one converter control two points)
F isolation safety barrier 
  L1=  mm,linferior limit,  closed @ level decrease

Mounting height

      L2=  mm,lower limit, closed @ level decrease
  L3=  mm,upper limit, closed @ level increase
  L4=  mm,superior limit,closed @ increase
  Ln=  mm closed @ increase /decrease

Medium density(kg/m³)

  D normal pressure 


rated pressure 



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