Vibrating level switch
◆ Model:SVK-200
◆ Parameters:SVK-200、Sturdy and Durable、Attachment free via self-vibration 、No calibration required、User-friendly

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Product Overview

SVK-200 vibrating rod is activated to vibrate via the piezo drive. If the vibrating rod is immersed, the amplitude will be damped. The electronic element detects this damping and converts it into a switching command. Due to the rod design, it is almost impossible for material to build up or get wedged in.

Structure Principle

Order Information

SVK200 Vibrating Rod Level Switch 


  C 110VAC relay contact output 

Power supply & switch output

F 220VAC relay contact output 
H 24VDC relay contact output 
  F20 DN20 flange connection

Process connection

F25 DN25 flange connection
F40 DN40 flange connection
F50 DN50 flange connection
S11 M27×2 thread connection
S12 G1'‘  thread connection
S13 G1/2'' thread connection
S14 1''NPT
S15 11/2''NPT
S Special Requirement.
  O no explosion proof

Safety class 

D explosion proof: ExdIICT4~T6
E intrinsic safe: ExiaIICT1~T6
  S 304SS


L 316L
B 304SS  flange:CS
  S standard (190mm)

Basic type 

long length type             (actual probe length)



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